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Hongtuo Mechanical Casting Co, Ltd. (hereafter Hongtuo) is a mechanical pump-up members in Industry Associations, professionals in various pumps, valves and other stainless steel machinery accessories. Hongtuo established in 2001 and covers 8,000 m2 in Panyu Guangzhou, enjoying convenient transport and elegant environment.
By all-silicon investment industrial casting process, Hongtuo is professional in producing all kinds of pump components which are complex shape ...

Pump Components in Hongtuo


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Our Pump parts Customer

To provide complete drawing of Pump Housing or Casting Metal parts which should be clearly marked material, tolerance, surface, processing, surface roughness, the beginning of the base machining, heat treatment and surface treatment requirements...

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Contact Person :Jessie Zhang

Tel : +86-20-84632877

Fax : +86-20-84632977


Add :No.50 Shigangnan Road, Shigangdong
                 Section, Yayun Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou

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