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Pump Controller Introduction

Pump controller used for urban water supply system in water pumping stations, water booster pump station, halfway booster pump station, remote monitoring and management of residential pressurized pumping station.

Pumping station monitoring center managers can remotely monitor the working status of field devices and operating parameters including remote control start and stop water supply equipment, monitoring station within an image can be panoramic or important stations.

Pump controller start and stop the pump according to the detected water state, water pipes and pipe pressure change data. It can made up by the pressure switch, pressure tank, water protection device constituted, check valves, Stone and other traditional systems. Completely isolated from the live parts and the pipe, Coupled high tightness control box which the controller can not have more than conventional systems like security.

With the rapid development of science and technology advances, the sensor industry has add a pressure sensor in the pump controller-electronic pressure controller. electronic pressure controller with its unique advantages quickly gain market acceptance. Plus sensor probe in the controller detects pressure, the use of single-chip technology can achieve a number of intelligent control functions in the control circuit.

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