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The main features of the electronic pump controller

1.  The upper and lower has two pressure control point which can be set freely adjusted to meet different control requirements.
2. 4 LED digital display real-time pressure, user-friendly observation.
3. Built-in relay output and anti-backlash set that in order to avoid the frequent movement of controlled equipment.
4. Life longer than traditional mechanical switch use and will not fail invalid.
5. High control accuracy than traditional mechanical switches and no noise.
6. Shock, strong anti-jamming, fast response, and stable performance.
7. There is a delay, water protection, overvoltage protection and many other intelligent control functions.

Above features make the pumps intelligent controller has been significantly improved. What's more, it is easy to install, just direct access to the pipeline within the controller and no external relay that can achieve low pressure pump the water and enough pressure to stop pumping. It save energy and prolong the life of the pump and unattended operation of pump. It can completely replace a pressure tank, pressure switch, water protection device constituted, check valves, four-way and other conventional system. It was suitable for home, unit supply, drainage and irrigation and plastic shed garden flower garden watering a plant automation, automatically keep the pipeline pressure. Pressure tank with pump controllers can better control and effectively played a role in protecting the pumps to extend the life of the pump.

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